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Bigg Boss 14 runner up Rahul Vaidya discloses reason for proposing Disha on the show: I wanted a grand gesture

Bigg Boss season 14 runner up Rahul Vaidya talks about the reason behind his grand proposal to Disha Parmar. He also shares the tentative wedding plans in an interview.


Bigg Boss 14 runner up Rahul Vaidya discloses reason for proposing Disha on the show: I wanted a grand gesture

The most loved and controversial show Bigg Boss 14 has finally come to an end with Rubina Dilaik declared as the winner and singer Rahul Vaidya as the runner-up. Rahul thanked his fans for giving immense love to him. In the finale, his family and fiance Disha Parmar also came to support him on his special day. Rahul had proposed to his girlfriend Disha in the Bigg Boss 14 house and to accept his proposal, Disha entered the house near the end of the show.

On being asked about his proposal for marriage to girlfriend Disha Parmar on the Bigg Boss 14 show, the singer said that he wanted to do something grand for her. He said that he realised his feelings with her inside the house so he proposed to Disha on the occasion of her birthday.

In an interview, he said that he was faced with different aspects of a relationship inside the house. He remembers the people who cooked for him and the different bonds he formed with the contestants. This made him realize that he is lucky that he has a beautiful person in his life and that he should marry her. Hence, he proposed to her on television.

He also added that once Disha has told him that if someone proposes to her, then it should be grand. But she herself did not know it would become so special.

In regards to their wedding plans, the handsome singer revealed that he and Disha will get married by June. In an earlier talk with his mother Geeta Vaidya, she talked about the possibility of a June wedding as Disha was not comfortable with summer wedding and the couple did not want to wait till December. He added that once he is back with his family, further discussions about marriage will take place.

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