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Happy birthday, Bhagyashree: ‘I did not value the success that was showered on me,’ says Salman Khan’s Maine Pyaar Kiya co-star on giving up stardom

Bhagyashree rose to fame with her Bollywood debut Maine Pyar Kiya alongside Salman Khan. However, the actress kept a low profile and focused on her family. She did not completely leave the filmdom. She did a few films time and again, but her focus was on her personal life. And now, years later, Bhagyashree is ready to win our hearts yet again. She has quite a few films in the pipeline. Two major films being Prabhas and Pooja Hegde starrer Radhe Shyam, and Kangana Ranaut and Arvind Swami starrer Thalaivi.

The actress opened up on getting fame early on in life but giving it all away in an interview with Indian Express. On shooting for Maine Pyar Kiya, Bhagyashree said, “I enjoyed doing Maine Pyar Kiya. I loved the process of it, loved being on the set I remember each and every day vividly. This is the movie when I realised that I enjoyed being in front of the camera, that I loved acting.”

“So, for me, this process of learning to love something I do was more important than anything else, I had never thought about being an actor. For me it was all about taking on a journey, learning a new profession. Now when I look back, I realise how I took it so lightly, the film came to me, and I didn’t make the most of it,” the Humko Deewana Kar Gaye actress revealed.

Bhagyashree also said that she has now realised the value of hard work everyone puts into while making a film. “Artistes really work very hard to get the kind of success I got then. I got it quite easily, and very early on in my life. It just came to me. I feel I wasn’t true to my God because He gave it to me and I did not show gratitude towards that, I did not value the success that was showered on me. And now I look at it as a learning experience,” She said.

“For so long I stayed far away from what I really loved. I wasn’t grateful for what I got. Today, I value what I had then. In the last couple of years, I have realised that if people are remembering Suman, and are offering me roles even after 30 years of the film, I must have done something right and I’ll no more underestimate what I have in me. I have to be more grateful for the opportunities that have come my way in my second innings. I hope the audience loves me again, and this time I will be ever so grateful. I would not have given up acting if I had the kind of learning I have today,” Bhagyashree added.

Bhagyashree also opened up on how would Maine Pyar Kiya be if it was made in today’s time. “I don’t know if the value is seen in waiting and in sacrifice today. It is a very fast-forward life, sense of loss doesn’t persist for too long, I think. The girl was waiting for the guy to come back (in Maine Pyar Kiya), and the guy knew he had to prove himself because Suman was waiting for him to return. They didn’t meet when they were expected to stay away from each other. Today’s generation would be rebellious. It is all about instant pleasure and gratification. These concepts are quite dated today, we have different kinds of stories today, they’re all so well-rounded and thought out. I don’t mean to say that people today don’t fall in love or that they lack depth, but things are different. I think stories that are told today are closer to real life, not far away from reality,” she said.

Bhagyashree also opened up on her upcoming projects. She said, “There is excitement and nervousness in equal proportions. What I keep coming back to, when I feel like this, is when my daughter was coming down to the breakfast table on the day of her final board exams. She had a spring in her step and a broad smile on her face and I was wondering, ‘why is this girl smiling on the day of her board exam, isn’t she nervous?’ She told me, ‘I will never be doing this ever in my life again, so I am excited that this is happening for the first time in my life.’ I thought of it as such a wonderful way to get over your nervousness. I am going to start a new chapter in my life, getting back to doing films, so I have kept the nervousness on the backburner and let excitement take over. I want to remember my journey in this light.”

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